What is the black sword in the Rings Of Power SDHC trailer?

What is the black sword in the Rings Of Power SDHC trailer?

What is the black sword in the Rings Of Power SDHC trailer?

What is the black sword in the Rings Of Power SDHC trailer? “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” shows a strange black sword — here are our thoughts on what kind of relic it could be. Just a few days after the eventful teaser, Amazon released another trailer for “Rings of Power” during the highly anticipated panel at SDCC 2022. Among the cameos of the Balrog and the assumptions about Sauron, one outstanding feature of this new frame is the magical black sword.

The black blade first appears in the SDCC 2022 trailer “Rings of Power” as a broken hilt held by Theo Tyro Muhafidin, a human character created specifically for television. Then, in the second frame, the sword is magically reforged in a misty trickle of smoke and fire, remaking the blade as if it had never broken. The same handle can be seen on posters with Amazon’s “Rings of Power” characters, and the ice symbol cracking on the anvil in the SDCC 2022 trailer looks suspiciously similar to the sign on the handle of the black sword. Obviously, these weapons play a big role in the Rings of Power.

There is no irrefutable parallel between the dark blade from the “Ring of Power” and the existing mythology of the “Lord of the Rings”, but in the books on the history of Middle—earth there is a famous magical black sword – Gurtang. Not only did the Gurtang break in the First Epoch (which explains its dilapidation in the Rings of Power), but the sword had magical properties and its own spirit (which explains the strange reforging). Gurtang should not appear in the history of the “Lord of the Rings” of the Second Era by right, and this sword can be a completely new addition to the “Rings of Power”. But if the mysterious blade really has roots in the source material (and if we assume that Gorr just didn’t drop his necromech into the wrong franchise), Gurtang is the strongest option.

Originally named Anglachel, this legendary sword was created by the twisted elf Aeolus from the metal of a meteorite that fell to earth (possibly related to the Ring of Power’s own falling meteor, although it is very unlikely that it is the same). Possessing a bloodthirsty nature and his own character, Anglachel contacted his original owner, the elf warrior Beleg Kutalyon, but tragedy struck when Beleg was accidentally killed by his own blade. The unfortunate criminal, a man named Turin Turambar, became the next owner and renamed Anglachel “Gurtanga”, but eventually became a victim of the tragedy himself and fell on his sword, begging him for death. The Gurtang broke, killing another owner, and its fragments were buried with Turin.

In The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, young Theo may have some distant connection with the Turin House of Hador, and the handle of the Gurtang has been passed down from generation to generation. Once the blade killed the servants of Morgoth, first of all, the dragon Glaurung. When Sauron reappears in the Rings of Power, perhaps the bloodlust inside the hilt of the Gurtang awakens, warning the village of Theo about the approach of great danger.

Several key details indicate that the black blade of the Ring of Power is not a Gurtang. There is no convincing reason why the cult weapon should play a role in the events of the Second Era, especially since it should then disappear again before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Secondly, it seems that there is a sign on the sword of the Ring of Power that resonates elsewhere in the trailer. Even if Gurtang wakes up, why will his symbols start appearing in Middle-earth?

If not Gurtang, perhaps the black sword of the Ring of Power once belonged to Sauron and is being reforged, having felt his presence returning to Middle-earth. This explains why the old man asks Theo if he has ever heard the name of Sauron, and is much better suited to the knowledge of the Second Age than digging up Gurtang. Tolkien’s writings leave enough space for the theme of Sauron’s arsenal to tell about what weapons he could use and what magical properties they could have. What is the black sword in the Rings Of Power SDHC trailer?

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