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Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin

Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin

Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin

Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is facing trial over a horrific incident that happened four months ago. At the end of October last year, a terrible tragedy happened that divided Alec Baldwin’s life into before and after. On the set of the film “Rust“, where he not only acted as an actor but was his producer, a woman died. Baldwin fired a shotgun that was a prop and accidentally shot cameraman Galina Hutchins. Doctors could not help a native of Ukraine, she died.
The husband and son of Galina believe that it was the negligence of the film crew that led to the fact that Hutchins died. They decided to restore at least some justice and filed a lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and other organizers of the filming.
“Galina Hutchins deserved to live, and the defendants would have had the power to prevent her death if they had considered it their sacred duty to protect the safety of every person on set…instead of skimping on security procedures where human life is at stake by rushing to meet a schedule.” and ignoring numerous complaints of security violations,” the document states.
“Defendant Baldwin and the other defendants, in this case, failed to comply with industry-standard safety checks and did not follow basic safety rules when using real weapons to make the movie Rust, which had fatal consequences,” the lawsuit filed in state district court also notes. New Mexico.
Recall that after the incident, Baldwin came to his senses for a very long time. He was clearly in shock from what had happened, because he could not even think about such a thing. The actor immediately began to cooperate with the investigation, testified, and hoped for a fair resolution of the situation.
After some time, he decided to express his version of what happened and gave an interview to ABC, in which he said that he was actually just aiming at the camera, but he didn’t pull the trigger.

“I don’t know what happened on the set. I don’t know how a live cartridge ended up in that revolver. Do not know. But I fully support measures that will create a situation where the likelihood of this happening again will be less,” said Alec. Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin

The actor also said that before the most tragic shot, he followed the instructions of Hutchins. “She showed me how to hold a revolver to shoot at a certain angle. I hold it the way she asked, the revolver pointed at her below the armpit.” Further, according to the actor, he cocked the trigger of the revolver but deliberately did not shoot from it. “The trigger wasn’t pulled, I didn’t pull it. I cocked the trigger and asked her: “Well, how can you see me, can you see? Is it visible or not?“. After that, I released the trigger – and a shot sounded. Ukrainian woman sued Alec Baldwin

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