Turkish skirts and Angora sweaters

Turkish skirts

Turkish skirts and angora sweaters: stylist Lisovets told what Russian women will dress up in

Forecasts are not the most optimistic. It is possible that things will be in short supply in the near future, but the situation will improve very soon.

Fashion stores are leaving the Russian market one by one. The trend was set by luxury brands, followed by the mass market. Thousands of stores across Russia have been closed over the past ten days.

Where we will continue to buy outfits and how the situation will develop – no one undertakes to guess.

Stylist Vladislav Lisovets, although he is inclined to believe that “Russia is not about fashion,” admits that due to recent events, there is a risk of returning to the late 1980s.

“For 90% of people in Russia, fashion has neither values ​​nor guidelines. People dress normally, live normally, and look at fashion like a circus. Most go to the market, buy Chinese and Turkish clothes, sometimes fakes, similar to world brands. But, I am glad that fashion is now very simple and primitive. These are sweatshirts, comfortable jeans,” says the stylist.

This is in the wardrobe of every woman, which means that for some time you can not worry. Such functional things are easy to mix with each other. In addition, there are many industries in Russia that sew similar clothes.

But with high-quality things from expensive fabrics, there are still difficulties.

“Good Russian brands were made from Italian fabrics. Now this will not happen. Turkey remains, which means that we are slightly returning to the late 1980s when Turkish skirts and angora sweaters were considered a tower. There comes a period in which the Russian market will not provide everyone who wants to change clothes. There will be small interruptions, but then, of course, everything will work out. Including tailoring from Turkish fabrics, ”

Russian markets and shopping centers are also likely to be flooded with clothing from Turkey and China. But this is not a big problem for the inhabitants of our country.

“Russian women love to dress up, but they don’t follow fashion. They dress brightly, nicely, elegantly. But, by and large, no one will be upset if there is not a new collection in stores. I don’t expect any kind of tragedy, since the main layer of our people is people who are not used to spending a lot of things on quality items or designer bags. Turkish jeans will start to overwhelm us. By the way, it’s not the worst quality. Many Italian and Belgian brands produce things there,” concluded Vladislav Lisovets.

To all those who think about the wardrobe, he advised not to buy everything that is in stores today. Surely everyone’s wardrobes are packed to overflowing with things about which they say “nothing to wear.” The moment has come when you need to give them a second life.


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