Sonic Frontiers presents its main musical theme

Sonic Frontiers presents its main musical theme

Sonic Frontiers presents its main musical theme, with a vocalist and a melancholy and cantankerous spirit

Sonic Frontiers presents its main musical theme. Entitled ‘I’m Here, it has been created by the game’s composer and the singer of the band To Octavia. There are two months left to get hold of Sonic Frontiers, so it is not surprising that SEGA reveals more aspects of the new blue hedgehog game throughout the days. This very week we shared with you the theme song for the ending of the title, ‘Vandalize’, and on these same lines, you have a new one to give a try.

The vocalist is from the band To OctaviaThis time it is the main theme of the game. bear by the name ‘I’m Here’ and it has an opening that aims to transfer the melancholy typical of Frontiers’ proposal, although it quickly takes a strong turn to include strong guitar riffs and turn it into a much more powerful song.

For its conception, a collaboration has been carried out between the main composer of the game Tomoya Ohtaniwho has dealt with the composition and arrangements, and the vocalist Merry Kirk-Holmesvoice of the band To Octavia and also a writer of the lyrics of the main theme.

There is less left to try Sonic Frontiers for ourselves: the SEGA game has dated its launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch for November 8, 2022. The truth is that, after a very negative initial reception, little by little he has been convincing the players by showing more worlds and detailing the freedom of his risky proposal, so we have to be attentive to see what result it finally offers.


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