Sexologist Answers your Questions


Sexologist Answers your Questions

In our forum, we analyze various problems, but the topic of relationships and sex is one of the most discussed. Of course, sex is only part of the relationship in a couple, but if you cannot come to an understanding with a partner on elementary issues, serious discord can occur. So today we have a sexologist who will answer some of the common questions regarding sex.

Sex is also a part of a relationship, so when problems arise, it is important to discuss them with your partner and not delay the solution.

On the Woman.ru forum, one of our readers shared a difficult problem – she does not experience an orgasm during sex with her husband, with whom she has been living for 10 years. After the birth of children, the situation worsened: “ After two births, apparently, hormonal changes took place. Now I constantly want, I get excited very quickly, I can finish with myself in a minute or two. With him – nothing … Before ovulation and menstruation, I’m just ready to climb the wall: I’m going crazy, I see erotic dreams … “

The author of the question admitted that she could no longer endure: 2 years ago, she expressed everything to her husband. He went to the doctor, passed the tests, and it turned out that the level of testosterone in his body was like that of a man in old age.

The problem was never solved: “We started taking pills like Viagra, it got better, but there was no desired effect: there was only one orgasm – I don’t know how miraculously it happened. Over time, everything began to return to normal: without a pill in any way, the duration returned to 2-5 minutes. I feel like a rubber woman.I, with a 5/2 job and two not too adult children, can’t cook him for half an hour for sex. Seeing an andrologist is ”expensive”. But we love to drink and even smoke. I do not know what to do.

It’s a pity if you don’t manage to feel the joys of sex just when a woman is in the juice itself, both literally and figuratively.

Here is what our expert says: “Dear author, pay attention to how you treat your husband. You even use the wording as if you are talking to a little boy: ”But we smoke and even drink beer in the evenings”. If you use the same wording in daily communication with your husband, which is quite likely, then your man simply does not feel like a man in a relationship, and going to an andrologist for him, in this case, is another blow to the male ego. Plus, you talk about being able to experience an orgasm in 1-2 minutes on your own. So what prevents you from using this ability during an activity with your husband? Then the wolves are full and the sheep are safe: you have an orgasm, your husband finally feels like a man, he is satisfied with life, everything is fine with him, and he will love you much more, ”commented Anastasia.

What do you think? Is it worth leaving everything as it is, or is it still better to discuss the problem with a partner and try to find another way out?

Share your opinion in the comments to this article or join the discussion on the Woman.ru forum. Here we ask questions, talk about problems and share tips. Some questions are answered by our special guests – professionals in their field: actresses, models, psychologists, bloggers, and many others.


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