Rogue Legacy 2: How to Defeat Boss Enoch at the Mouth

Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2: How to Defeat Boss Enoch at the Mouth

Rogue Legacy 2: A Guide to Anchors and Answers. Part of the appeal of roguelikes lies in their punishing nature, depriving the player of hard-earned progress and forcing him to start new passages from scratch in case of loss. It may seem strange to combine this formula with the mechanics of a family dynasty, but that’s exactly what Rogue Legacy 2 does.

Estuary Enoch is one of the most difficult bosses in Rogue Legacy 2, largely due to his unpredictability. With multiple attacks, some of which have random trajectories or distances, it can be difficult to keep track of everything a scientist throws out of a Stygian study. With preparation and hard work, he can be defeated. Here’s everything a player needs to know to do that.

How to prepare for the mouth of Enoch

The mouth of Enoch is hiding in the Stygian Cabinet and will quickly deal with unprepared players. He is one of the most unpredictable bosses in the game and requires precise movements to avoid his attacks, which can make it difficult for him to pass. To open the door to Enoch’s room, the player must defeat two mini-bosses. These are Void Beast Gongheads and Void Beast Murmur, which can be found in separate rooms in the study.

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The lack of a plan for a fight is a common mistake. To prepare for the battle, go to the easternmost room of the Stygian Cabinet and read the memory inside. To get to the memory, click the interaction button near the cliff, and a bridge will appear. Reading memories increases Enoch’s damage by +15%, which greatly facilitates the boss fight.

Agility and speed are the key to coming out of this battle victorious. Classes such as archer and archer are good choices, as are duelist and assassin.

The first phase of the boss battle at the mouth of Enoch

In the first phase of the battle, the Enoch Estuary has six attacks. The first is a jerk attack in which he tries to grab the player, which is easily avoided as long as the player stays away from the walls. Enoch’s second attack marks the position in which the player is standing and creates a laser pillar in this area for eight seconds. Move to any edge of the room to avoid it.

When the boss summons the small Abyss spheres, wait for them to converge and then break through them to avoid the attack. The fourth boss attack launches fire projectiles in all directions. Be careful, because the attack ends with a wave of Abyss projectiles through which the player can break through.

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His fifth attack causes large explosions across the room that can damage the player and trigger Curse projectiles. Destroy these projectiles with the attack, spin, or useful talent. In Enoch’s last attack in this phase, he causes an explosion around him and shoots a wave of flaming projectiles at the player.

The best time to attack Enoch is between his attacks when he tries to escape before his next attack begins. The Wind Wall spell is especially useful during battle because it can destroy any of the boss’ projectiles. After Enoch’s Estuary health drops to 50%, he will summon four Abyss spheres that revolve around him. The player can go through them.

Defeating Enoch leads to the appearance of a fake chest. With this, the next phase of the battle begins.

The second phase of the boss battle at the mouth of Enoch

True Estuary Enoch has three attacks. At the first attack, Enoch spits explosive bottles out of his mouth in an arc. Keep your distance from him. This is one of the most dangerous boss attacks because the trajectories of the bottles are random and difficult to avoid. When Enoch spits bottles, focus on dodging, not dealing damage.

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For his second attack, Enoch runs around dropping poisonous coins. To avoid them, use either jumps and jerks or attacks that manipulate the character in the air (such as Archer arrows) to stay in the air until the coins disappear.

For his final attack, Enoch jumps around the room. The size of its hops varies, so it is important to remain vigilant and always be ready for action. If Enoch pushes the player back against the wall, a jerk underneath him when he makes a big jump can bring the player to safety and open the boss for the player’s weapon to attack.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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