Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Following Shayk and Yudashkin: Vodianova missed Paris Fashion Week for the first time in many years

Previously, the star often went to shows of major brands, but this year she ignored every single one. The wife of the star, billionaire Antoine Arnault, has not been seen in public for a long time. The events of recent days cause nothing but alarm among Russians. More and more sanctions are falling on the country like an avalanche, large companies are announcing the suspension of work, and travel is becoming less and less real. Nevertheless, life goes on in the rest of the world, but people from our country still have a hard time. The new reality even touched the Fashion Week in Paris, which ended on March 8th. First, it became known that its organizers decided to refuse to show the new collection of Valentin Yudashkin.

The couturier show was urgently canceled a few hours before it began. Despite the fact that the designer and his team spent both time and energy on creating new outfits, the decision of the head of the Haute Couture Federation, Ralph Toledano, was adamant.

In order to present the audience with a new collection, Yudashkin personally came to Paris, despite feeling unwell. In recent years, Valentin Abramovich has been struggling with a serious oncological disease but continues to work.

It seems that Natalya Vodianova was also among the “canceled” Russians: she used to try not to miss a single major show at Paris Fashion Week, but this year she did not appear on it either as a model or even as a spectator. On Instagram, the star was also celebrated for the last time a long time ago – on February 25. She wrote that in these difficult days her heart is with all mothers and children.

“I am carefully studying and will soon start sharing the data of charitable organizations that help the victims, I will donate myself and urge you to donate and share information too,” Natalya wrote.

Fans of the model hoped that she would appear at least at one event, but Vodianova did not even come to the opening of the largest Dior boutique in Europe. Among celebrities, the model is considered one of the biggest fans of this brand, so the fact that a native of Nizhny Novgorod decided to skip the party seemed strange to many.

In addition, the Dior brand actually belongs to the wife of Natalia Vodianova Antoine Arnault. The brand, which is now managed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, is part of the LVMH concern. It was founded by Arno’s father, and all his heirs share a controlling stake among themselves. Usually, the entrepreneur accompanied his wife to all fashion events, but now he also disappeared from the radar.

Rumors among fans of the model are very different. Some believe that Vodianova, who in recent years has remained one of the most sought-after models in the world, was simply “canceled” due to the fact that she did not openly express her attitude to the events in Ukraine.

Others agree that such an influential woman as Vodianova, who is friends with many designers, could well have been bypassed by sanctions. It is quite possible that the star herself made the decision not to appear at the shows because she considered that in such a tense environment it would be inappropriate.

By the way, for all nine days that the Fashion Week was going on, Irina Shayk did not come to Paris either. Some believe that Irina voluntarily refused to parade, seeing what moods Russian citizens arouse in the West.

However, there is another version. No less time than work, the star now devotes his personal life. The model has already been seen leaving the house of her ex-lover Bradley Cooper several times, so the rumors about the couple’s reunion are now becoming more and more like reality.

The only Russian woman who nevertheless came to Paris Fashion Week was the former world number one Maria Sharapova – she was noted at Chloé and Dior shows and flew back to the United States. 


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