Megan Fox with her fiancé filmed in a restaurant

Megan Fox with her fiancé filmed in a restaurant

Megan Fox with her fiancé filmed in a restaurant

Megan Fox with her fiancé filmed in a restaurant. Meghan, 35, recently announced her engagement to 31-year-old rapper Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly. They have been dating since spring 2020. And although many did not believe in the seriousness of this novel, the lovers proved to everyone that their feelings were real. Only now, many have again begun to doubt that it will come to a wedding – or will not end in a divorce in a year or two.

Fox and Baker were filmed in a Berlin restaurant. And we have not seen such a disgruntled Megan for a very long time. Usually, she looks at the groom with adoration, but here she looked very angry – even her face seemed to change. Someone suggested that there was a quarrel between the lovers because of the premiere of the film “Taurus”, which took place a few hours earlier at the Berlin Film Festival. Coulson stepped onto the red carpet not at all with Megan, but with another beautiful actress, Maddie Hasson. Although Fox also played in this film. But she didn’t even show up at the festival.
And the point here may not even be that Fox was jealous of the groom for Maddie. And the fact that the rapper’s career over the past couple of years has rapidly gone uphill. After the affair with Fox, even those who had previously known nothing about the musician heard about Colson. He began to perform at the most prestigious venues. And now he has also played a major role in the new film – moreover, critics have already called it a “large-scale debut in auteur cinema.” Megan, alas, cannot boast of such success in creativity now. And if at the beginning of their relationship it was clearly clear which of the two of them was a star, now everything is far from being so clear.
By the way, recently the astrologer said that problems could arise in this union: “In such a relationship, you can quickly burn out. Subsequently, Fox will begin to demand from a partner what he cannot give her. Therefore, in order to maintain this relationship, it is important to understand the characteristics of each other and not demand what the beloved is not capable of.

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