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Jason Momoa – Is Johnny Depp Becoming An Ex?

Jason Momoa - Is Johnny Depp Becoming An Ex

Jason Momoa – Is Johnny Depp Becoming An Ex?

Jason Momoa – Is Johnny Depp Becoming An Ex? The news of the divorce recently came like a bolt from the blue, in fact, the 42-year-old star and Lisa Bonet had not appeared on the red carpet for nearly two years, and the wife recently spoke in an interview about trying to openly accept change and insecurity.

Fans are feverishly guessing what ruined Momoa’s relationship with his 12-year-old wife, with whom they had previously spectacularly adored each other. “We are freeing each other so that we can continue our lives with dignity and sincerity,” the divorce announcement said. Betraying lines – maybe one of them has someone? More and more people are mentioning the actor’s Aquaman partner, Amber Heard. Momoa has warmed up very much with the 35-year-old actress while working together, and in Hollywood, it is rumored that with Johnny Depp’s bombing ex, the chemistry wasn’t just on the screen among them. The sequel, Aquaman 2, has been filmed in recent months, with filming completed just a few weeks ago. Maybe their relationship became more serious during the new work together? In fact, Amber, who became the mother of a little girl last summer through her surrogate mother, recently broke up with her partner.

Whatever the truth, a Hollywood dream ends with a divorce, as this love story was special to the film. Momoa recounted several times how she fell in love with Lisa, who was much older than her as a young boy, whom she had only seen on the TV screen. She told her mother she needed this girl, she would be his wife. Years later, she experienced the greatest miracle of her life that they had indeed met, and the adored woman reciprocated her feelings. True, she only dared to confess her adolescence to Lisa after their children were born. They have officially married just over four years ago, just as Momoa’s Hollywood career really started. The handsome, muscular actor has since become the number one favorite of women.

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