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How to prepare an oxygen bath

How to prepare an oxygen bath

How to prepare an oxygen bath

How to prepare an oxygen bath?  Oxygen baths are prepared artificially, they eliminate the lack of oxygen, have a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, normalize blood pressure, stimulate metabolic processes, improve the general condition, and are well tolerated.

Rather than puzzle over how to prepare an oxygen bath at home, on your own, it is better to take a course of recovery with the help of oxygen baths in a sanatorium or clinic.

How to make an oxygen bath?

Oxygen baths – this is the name of gas baths, where the active component is oxygen dissolved in water. Such “mineral water” can only be obtained artificially – in nature, liquids in which the content of dissolved oxygen is so high that they can be used for medicinal purposes do not exist. To prepare an oxygen bath, ordinary tap water is saturated with oxygen from a cylinder.

Since this gas is rather difficult to dissolve in water, and a certain concentration is needed for a therapeutic effect, saturation is done under pressure. There is another method for obtaining an oxygen bath – a chemical one: at a certain temperature and strictly specified proportions, sodium bicarbonate, a solution of copper sulfate, and an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide are added to a container with water. Everything is thoroughly mixed and after a few minutes, when the process of oxygen evolution starts, the procedure can begin.

The benefits of oxygen baths
The benefits of oxygen baths are very diverse. When a person lies in an oxygen bath, active oxygen passes through the skin and enters the blood, which carries it throughout the body. That part of the oxygen molecules that remain on the skin act on peripheral receptors, causing a reflex reaction in the body. Since, as we have already noted, oxygen is poorly soluble in water, most of it is released and accumulates above the surface of the water in a very high concentration – and while taking it, you can breathe it.

Oxygen baths have a positive effect on the processes in the cerebral cortex. In addition, they help improve blood pressure and vascular function, and also help the respiratory function of the lungs. After the procedures, the patient’s metabolic and oxidative processes improve, and the whole body is saturated with oxygen.

Oxygen baths can be used every day. The duration of one procedure is usually from ten minutes to half an hour. The effective water temperature in the bathroom is 35 degrees Celsius. The entire course of treatment with daily use of baths can be up to two weeks. A second course is prescribed not earlier than in a few months.

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