How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color

How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color

There is a nude lipstick for every skin color and the rules for finding it

If you are looking for the ideal natural shade for your lips, here are the tips to follow

Nude lipstick is the quintessence of chic. Easy to wear, and impalpable on the lips, it is the perfect ally to enhance your complexion. Even in the summer. For this you have to look for the perfect shade, understanding if a shade that turns more towards beige and peach or towards pink and mauve looks better on your mouth. How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color

Among the many foolproof ways to find the perfect nude shade for your skin color, there is a belief that has been around for some time now and is fun to experiment with. That is to find the shade that exactly matches the color of your nipples. A discovery a few years ago, which NBC had even talked about during the famous talk show The Doctors, according which the part among the least highlighted of our body would suggest which nude lipstick would best blend with our skin tone. Makeup artist Alexis Oakley has recently confirmed this theory to the American online magazine Popsugar, stating that if you use this method, you will get a perfect mouth for your complexion.

A tantalizing theory, even if the most pragmatic women would remain of the idea, disclosed by international make-up artists, of choosing a nude lipstick of a darker tone than the complexion, to better highlight it. 

We also asked the queen of coloration, the entrepreneur, author, and image expert Rossella Migliaccio, for a reliable method to find the perfect lipstick. «The nude, in the summer period, is ideal because the tan lowers our chromatic contrast, that is, it makes the skin-eyes-hair mix more homogeneous. We find it in all the color palettes, just choose it with the right undertone: if you have warm colors, prefer it with a more orange base, if you have cold colors opt for a more rosy base ». 

How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color

Chiara Ferragni

Jennifer Lopez, How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color

Jennifer Lope

Some examples? «Let’s start with warm undertones. Those who, like Jennifer Lopez, belong to the Autumn palette, should opt for a nude with a beige note inside. Those who are Spring, like Chiara Ferragni, should instead wear a brighter lipstick, with a peach note inside, combining it with a rich-colored eye make-up – continues Migliaccio – For those with a cold undertone complexion, instead, choose a nude pink. For the Estate palettes, we cannot fail to mention Brigitte Bardot, a pioneer of nude lipstick. The important thing is to opt for a delicate color, with a pink hint, as we often see on Diane Kruger. Finally, for the Winter palettes, such as Keira Knightley, the right shade must create a greater contrast with the complexion, like a frosty pink that veers towards mauve ».

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruge

Keira Knightley
How to Find the perfect Nude Lipstick for every skin color
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