How to choose the perfect red lipstick?

red lipstick

How to choose the perfect red lipstick?

With the help of red lipstick, you can instantly make your image brighter and more expressive. However, many girls are afraid of this makeup element, and in vain. 

Red lips are an integral part of the sexy image because they look very seductive. However, many girls are convinced that bright lipstick does not suit them.

Beauty expert Raisa Lorenzana believes that red suits absolutely any girl. True, you need to choose the right shade. She told me how to choose red lipstick for girls with different types of appearance.

Blond hair and fair skin

I like Amanda Seyfried, you are blonde and have fair skin, cool shades of red will suit you.

Lorenzana claims that girls of this type will look more bright with lips of berry shades, and for a more dramatic look, she advises looking at dark red and wine colors.

Blond hair and tanned skin

Blondes with golden skin should pay attention to warm red and red-orange shades. “Such colors on the lips will emphasize the radiance of tanned skin,” the expert explained.


Lipstick Rouge a Levres Merci, Vivienne Sabo

Margot Robbie

Dark hair and light skin

Amal Clooney is a great example of a dark-haired and white-skinned beauty. For such girls, there is nothing better than bright saturated shades of red. According to Lorenzan, they will favorably emphasize skin tone. 

Amal and George Clooney,  red lipstick

Amal and George Clooney

Dark hair and olive skin

Those brown-haired and brunette women, whom nature has awarded with olive skin, the expert advises turning to wine tones or deep ruby ​​color, which emphasize all the advantages of this color type.

Red hair and fair skin

Like white-skinned blondes, owners of fiery hair and fair skin are perfect for cold shades of red.

Matte lipstick with the effect of long-lasting hydration of the skin of the lips

Waterproof lip gloss, red lipstick

By the way, red-haired beauty Jessica Chastain often wears lipstick of this shade on her lips.

Jessica Chastain, red lipstick

Jessica Chastain

Red hair and tanned skin

“Women with red hair and golden skin are most suited to pure and very bright red,” said Raisa Lorenzana. For example, Emma Roberts used this lipstick when she dyed her hair.

Emma Roberts, red lipstick

Emma Roberts

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