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Hormone failure is not only a female problem

Hormone failure is not only a female problem

Hormone failure is not only a female problem

Hormone failure is not only a female problem. Hormone failure is a disorder of the human hormonal system, manifested by such a variety of symptoms that, sometimes, it takes years to find the root of the disease. Contrary to common misconceptions, hormonal failure is the destiny of not only women but also men.

The failure of hormones is akin to a breakdown in the clockwork. And until the defect is completely eliminated (that is, until the hormonal background is normalized), we have no right to consider ourselves healthy people. It would be more accurate to put it this way: we are at risk and in the queue for diseases. Because it is the failure of hormones that often causes serious ailments.

Failure of hormones in men and women – causes

Most often, the failure of hormones is mistakenly attributed to the female body. The hormonal imbalance has gained fame as a “female disease”, apparently due to the fact that in women it can cause severe “female” diseases: leading to infertility or the problem of bearing a child. In addition, in the life of a woman, there are many factors that provoke a failure of hormones – this is pregnancy itself, abortions, menopause, taking hormonal contraceptives, etc. But men are not protected from hormonal failure – it just manifests itself differently in them.

Men’s health is highly dependent on the work of the hormonal background. First of all, of course, “male power” suffers – that is, potency. The most common hormonal problem in men is low levels of the male hormone testosterone (hypogonadism), which greatly affects sex drive and leads to erectile dysfunction. Men’s beauty also depends on testosterone – its deficiency can lead to obesity, and in general, it is this hormone that forms a man “in a masculine type”, that is, it affects his figure, giving it masculine features, affects mood and even temperament. The normal level of testosterone depends on factors such as age, nutrition, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and much more. Hormone imbalance can be caused by drugs, alcohol, stress,

Women are at risk during menopause (menopause), after childbirth, or after abortion. In recent years, young women have become more and more prone to hormone disruption due to a careless attitude to their body, alcohol or smoking abuse, an unhealthy lifestyle, indiscriminate use of hormonal contraceptives, etc. The main female hormones are estrogen and progesterone, a woman’s hormone failure is often caused by imbalance. After 40 years, a woman is “awaiting” menopause, after which the formation of eggs stops, and because of this, the level of estrogen in the female body decreases, which causes such unpleasant sensations as irritability, fatigue, night sweats, headaches, etc. This, alas, is a natural period for a woman, it is impossible to cure such a failure of hormones, but the symptoms can be relieved. In young women, hormone failure is not a natural process, so it requires treatment to avoid negative consequences, as it can cause atherosclerosis, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, migraines, asthma, and more.

Symptoms and treatment of hormonal failure
Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men:

  • the absence of secondary sexual characteristics in boys and adolescents – there is no breaking of the voice, male proportions of the body do not develop, breast enlargement (gynecomastia) may develop;
  • slower hair growth on the pubis, armpits, chin;
  • decrease in muscle mass, obesity (according to the female type);
  • decreased erection, sexual desire;
  • depression, fatigue.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women:

  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • fatigue, irritability, sudden mood swings;
  • excess weight gain;
  • dryness in the intimate area;
  • headaches, migraines, insomnia;
  • increased facial hair;
  • the appearance of wrinkles;
  • hair loss, etc.

If there are any symptoms of hormone failure, both the woman and the man should consult an endocrinologist. Hormonal imbalance can only be determined after taking tests for hormones and a complete blood count. Men will also need a prostate exam. Treatment is mainly hormonal therapy, which regulates hormonal balance. Diet, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle are used as additional therapy.

If you find any symptoms of hormone failure, you should immediately consult a doctor and undergo an examination. The timely regulated hormonal imbalance will save you from undesirable health consequences and help maintain a high standard of your life.

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