Cardi B wins $1.25 million in Defamation case

Cardi B wins $1.25 million in Defamation case


Cardi B wins $1.25 million in Defamation case. The singer managed to sue a tidy sum from a YouTube blogger. In 2019, Cardi B filed a lawsuit against YouTube blogger Tasha K, who filmed dozens of videos about the life of the rapper. The woman published supposedly revealing videos in which she accused Cardi of drug addiction, prostitution and assured that the artist had health problems that developed against the background of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Cardi really had problems, but only with mental health. Because of the commercials that spoiled her reputation, she suffered from migraines, was completely depressed, and often had suicidal thoughts. At the trial, the singer admitted that she had suffered greatly from “malicious lies” all these years, and only a psychotherapist helped her cope with the difficulties. 

In addition, she considered herself a bad mother and wife, and Tasha K accused her of the same. The blogger assured subscribers that Cardi was setting a terrible example for her daughter Kalcher. During the trial, the blogger admitted that she voiced false stories from the life of a rap artist in her videos, but later tried to withdraw her testimony.

Now, three years after Cardi filed her lawsuit, a federal court has ruled in her favor. The rapper’s wife Offset managed to win, and now Tasha K is obliged to pay her $1.25 million, of which $250,000 is medical expenses. Cardi B had to pass a series of tests to prove that she does not have venereal diseases, which Tasha K talked about in her videos.

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